Wired Magazine: Feature on Professor Spanos

In April 2020, Wired, a monthly American magazine that concentrates on how developing technologies impact culture, the economy, and politics, spotlighted Prof. Spanos and his work to “cut office energy use by half—with the help of artificial intelligence” in Singapore. The article detailed on how in the recently-retrofitted Office of the Future, located in Building Construction of Authority of Singapore’s Zero Energy Building, the indoor sensors and technologies collect anonymized data on the movement patterns and work schedules of the building occupants so that the artificial intelligence system can learn about their lighting/ temperature preferences, and adjust their office environments accordingly.

In time, though, the goal is to make the AI fade into the background, making its gentle energy-saving nudges to the occupants unnoticeable.

SinBerBEST’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) member, Mr Lee Chuan Seng, was also interviewed for this article. Please click here for the complete post.

Photo Credit: Cayce Clifford