SinBerBEST Renewal Program Approved by National Research Foundation

The SinBerBEST Renewal program (SBB2) has been approved for funding by the National Research Foundation. It commenced on 1 June 2017 and will end on 31 May 2022.

Building on the considerable research investments and successes from the current SinBerBEST program, the SBB2 team will continue to innovate building technologies for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, with renewed, greater emphases on technology transfer and commercialization, and closer collaboration with the Singapore agencies.

The SBB2 team will also pioneer in major new research directions to continue its leadership in optimal, sustainable, and agile built environment for tropical climates. These new directions are connected by the comprehensive use of data and analytics engines, and by an emphasis on human and behavioral perspective.

Specifically, SBB2 will advance the current state in efficient, sustainable, tropical buildings in two closely interrelated dimensions, Building Energy Efficiency Improvements and Human Centric Design, reducing the global energy footprint, and improving occupant thermal comfort as well as productivity in work settings. Using the Green Mark for Non-Residential Buildings 2015 as a reference, SBB2 aims to introduce innovations that will reduce energy consumption metrics by a factor of two, and will significantly increase the fraction of occupants that are satisfied with the respective built environment.


For more information on the Green Mark for Non-Residential Buildings 2015, please visit