ASHRAE Journal: Spotlight on SinBerBEST Living Lab at Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

In February 2020, the ASHRAE Journal highlighted SinBerBEST’s large-scale, smart technology implementation at BCA’s Zero Energy Building (ZEB.) This living lab is the culmination of a long-standing, research collaboration between SinBerBEST and BCA. 

Developed from years of SinBerBEST research, innovative building technologies, including hybrid cooling, occupancy positioning, lighting controls, plug load management, and occupant feedback, were deployed as a fully integrated, smart control building system in ZEB, a working office building.

Design guideline creation for our hybrid cooling system, local and global expert network based on our project contractors/ consultants, and novel capability building as well as training for our local workforce are the likely outcomes of this BCA partnership.  

To view the SinBerBEST feature article, please click on the link