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  • BEARS Director Professor Tomizuka presenting during 2016 SinBerBEST Annual Symposium

    SinBerBEST Annual Symposium

    SinBerBEST held its Annual Symposium in which its researchers presented program goals and research accomplishments over the past four years, and their vision for the future on the SinBerBEST theme: Building Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tropics. They also heard from local and international experts on topics related to energy and the built environment. Lastly, tours and demonstrations were offered in the Cyber-Physical testbed that was designed to facilitate research on sustainable tropical buildings.

  • SinBeRISE Principal Investigator Named Young Scientist of the Year

    SinBeRISE Principal Investigator Named Young Scientist of the Year

    Dr. Nripan Matthews, a Principal Investigator at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was named one of the four Young Scientists of the Year in the President’s Science and Technology Award Ceremony in Singapore.  

  • SinBeRISE Program LeaDER at the SinBeRISE Workshop

    Annual SinBeRISE Workshop

    SinBeRISE had its annual workshop in which its researchers presented program overviews and research accomplishments over the past two years. Tours of 11 institutes and centers aligned with the SinBeRISE theme: Research Initiative for Sustainable Energy were also offered. 

Latest News

  • Daphne Pakiam Joins BEARS as the SinBerBEST Project Officer

    Daphne Pakiam, with over five years of administrative experience for companies that include the National Cancer Centre of Singapore, has joined BEARS as the SinBerBEST Project Officer. We look forward to working with her on coordination and management projects.

  • You Chun Er Joins BEARS as Procurement Specialist

    You Chun Er, a procurement expert with over 10 years of experience in purchasing hospital research supplies, has joined BEARS. With her help, BEARS has rolled out procurement training and related manuals.

  • SinBerBEST PhD Student to Join NUS Faculty

    Dr. Ju-hyuk Moon, a former UC Berkeley PhD student supported by SinBerBEST, will be a National University of Singapore (NUS) faculty member in January 2016.  After graduation from Berkeley in 2014, Dr. Moon accepted a tenure position at Stony Brooks. As he was always impressed with the dynamism of the research in Singapore, Dr. Moon applied and selected for a NUS faculty position. This is a clear indication of the strong synergy between Berkeley and Singapore.

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